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Cutting Machine

Cutting machines available here works on laser cutting methodology. The CO2 laser cutting and CNC cutting processes can cut a number of materials with accuracy and low operation cost. Both thin and thick workpieces can be cut with cutting machines at workshops, machine shops, engineering units and metal working industries. Both CO2 laser and CNC cutting machines are provided by the company. The workpieces that are processed using such machines are aluminium, wood, steel, glass, etc. Laser cutting enables automation, speed, contactless cutting, and flexibility. At high speed, these machines can make cuts with smoother surface finishes. 
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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Price: 300000 INR/Unit


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CNC Cutting Machine

Price: 250000 INR/Unit

co2 laser cutting machine

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Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Price: 2300000 INR/Piece



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